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We’re ready to give away some free vintage patterns?

Answer this question and you’ll receive free patterns from that era. Do you like the 1900’s or the 1970’s, we have patterns representing them all.

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Is it 1900’s? Was it Victorian or Edwardian either way everything and I do mean everything was covered. How did one ride a horse and bicycle with the layers upon layers of cloth and don’t forget the bustle.

In my opinion the best thing was double breasted jackets, hats and soft supple leather shoes and gloves and of course you needed the means (money) to purchase such for niceties.

9 Fleisher's Knitting and Crochet Manual featured

Do you love the 1920’s? The age of Jazz, women’s sufferance and hemline’s up and bust flat. the opulence of Paris ornately hand decorated silks chiffons–decadence sequins and beads–brocades.

There was a dress for even the loneliest of days, morning, evening, dinner, dancing coats for every affair we have the styles and can help you recreate the look of yesteryear.

Vintage Knitted suit pattern
Knitted 20s Sports Suit

Are the elegant 30’s your favorite? The thirty’s style featured elegant dressing, flowing evening gowns with draped necklines, bare backs. this was a time when you dressed for dinner. A distinct difference between day and evening wear; town and country, etc. Men were always dressed in dapper suits and ritzy ties and hats.

33 minerva neckties for men

Are the fabulous 1940’s your favorite era? This was an era of rationing, recycling and re-use all for the war effort. Up-cycle was first used adding a bit of charm to a dress cuff, collars, belts, hats and more. Dazespast offers a selection of vintage patterns showcasing all the charm and struggle of the decade. We have a huge patterns selection ranging from suits, dresses, slacks, slacks, jackets, sweaters, and coats. you can also find accessories such as bags, hats and handmade jewelry.

vintage knitting halter dress
One Piece Sun Back Dress size 16

Are in love with the 50’s? Mid-Century, the 1950’s the age of beguiling femininity wearing big skirts, pony tails, the birth of the fashion doll and the age of Dior, “The New Look”

We have all you style favorites perky sweater, skirt, bags and hats. what about accessories stoles and gloves beaded belts sequined cardigan and much, much more.check-out our stoles and shawls by Ulmann they make a perfect pair for the ultra feminine full skirts and tiny waistlines.

50s catagory image

Are you in love with Camelot and the 1960’s? This era in fashion was exciting and broke all the rules, Your styles could be to the floor or ultra -mini. You could be hippy, twiggy, or Chanel.

Vintage Swing Coat and Sheath Dress Set
Vintage Swing Coat and Sheath Dress Set

Are you a flower child of the 70’s?

Knitted Brides Knitted Coat Pattern
Knitted Brides Knitted Coat Pattern


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