Picturesque Hats Merry Christmas

Picturesque Hats Merry Christmas

Well Now….On the Sixth Day before Christmas my true love to gave me 6 Geese a laying Free Crochet Hat Pattern 

Picturesque Hats Wishes Everyone the Merriest of Merry Christmas Blessing

Free Crochet Hat Patterns Six Days Before Christmas

I would like to thank all of our followers by introducing our Free Crochet Hat Patterns Six Days Before Christmas Give-Away.

These patterns will be available in our Twelve Days of Christmas Photo Album.

Here you’ll find a picture preview of the books we’ll share during this 12 day period.

Bernhard Ulmann

  • Persian Lamb Fez
  • Sophisticated Breton
  • Smart Scotch Cap
  • Snooded Brim Sailor
  • Perky Snood
  • Draped Crocheted Turban
  • Snooded Pill Box
  • Twisted Braid Hat
  • Wrap A Round Turban
  • Hat and Muff Set

Did you like that preview?

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