Knitting Library

Knitting Library

The Knitting Library here at Dazespast is all about resources. I will share my personal library of books and patterns for you to learn and enjoy vintage knitting.

For beginners, this knitting library presents many guides to basic knitting techniques from by-gone era’s. For the experienced knitter, you’ll enjoy challenging yourself by learning complex techniques from all around the world. You’ll also find many clever and little-known techniques spanning the globe.

As I build out this page, take advantage of our Free Pattern Library and follow my posts for weekly and monthly updates.

You can also enjoy our Free Pattern of the Month Club, taking off this year.

You’ll learn tools of the trade, you’ll find Vintage Interchangeable Yarn Guide and understanding American and International needle sizes.

The experienced knitter can hone their skills of working from charts using the International Knitting Symbols and Charts.

There’s much to learn and share so please follow along.

Your thoughts, ideas & comments are appreciated