Free Vintage Doll Patterns

Vintage Doll Patterns

I love dolls, I like to sew and crochet vintage doll clothes from my Vintage Doll Patterns, most of all I like making doll clothes for my granddaughter’s.

There’s some incredible doll art out there and my goal is to bring to you.

Just a few years ago I would have laughed at the suggestion that I would spend my days playing with dolls and designing doll clothes. It is a true blessing to find something you love to do and make a living at it.

There are so many facets to collecting and re-creating.

The possibilities are endless. Looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

I celebrate the dolls and the couture quality clothes made for the  infinite types of fashions available.

My primary focus will be on creations that are vintage or vintage inspired clothes patterns for your fashion doll of all types by offering free doll clothes.

Our mission is compile information from around the web about dolls; their clothes, furniture, furnishing accessories and life style.

We will share free patterns of all types from around the world for your pleasure and enjoyment.

In addition to that mission, our vision is to create couture quality clothes from the 1950 , 60’s, 1970’s for 15.5″ and larger fashion dolls.

Vintage Doll Pattern Links to Share

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Sharing Vintage Crochet Knitted Doll Clothes

Check out Ruby’s Fashion Doll World on Pinterest for doll, patterns and inspiration.

Follow a board of your favorite doll or add your photos to the board. these are my favorites.

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American Model –

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Furniture & Furnishings –

All Other Dolls – like American Girl










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