Free Vintage Patterns

Free Vintage Patterns

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Why Offer Free Vintage Patterns?

I have tons of vintage patterns my collection includes sewing, crochet, knitting, macramé, embroidery, needlepoint and cross-stitch patterns.

I will sell some as originals others ad digital eBook and I will give other’s away.

What is most important is the expired copyright and here is how it works.

All patterns and information published on the website properties owned by Vintage Patterns Dazespast.

We only publish content that has passed into the public domain and the copyright has expired or we have permission to reprint from the copyright holder.

If you are a copyright holder and find content published on any of our internet properties that you believe you hold the copyright for, please contact us with the details.

Dazespast makes every attempt to ensure that we do not violate copyright law when we add content to our websites.

I realized that I have not shared any baby or children’s patterns, so here is a lovely old book from my American Thread Collection.

Star Baby Book Crocheted and Knitting, American Thread featuring vintage knitting and crochet patterns for baby infants and toddlers.

Our post features one of my favorites from the book, you can find the full book in our Facebook Album.

Vintage Knitted Snowsuit Cap and Mittens
Vintage Knitted Snowsuit Cap and Mittens

Crochet Dress Sweaters and Jacket Fashion Patterns enjoy this American Thread Company Pattern from the 60’s; “The Crochet Look” Sweaters Dresses and Jackets, Book 193

crochet pattern vintage dress american thread
Crocheted Evening Dress Pattern

Did you know that Dubarry published a Sewing Manual? Well here it is; “DuBarry’s Short Cuts to Sewing Success

Vintage Short Cuts to Sewing Success by DuBarry Patterns
DuBarry Sewing Book

I always like to get a few vintage sewing patterns in the mix, if you like Hand Bags you’ll love this vintage 40’s Spool Cotton Pattern Book “Eight Bags to Sew” you will love it.

bags hand bags purse pattern vintage 40s
Eight Bags to Sew

Vintage 70’s Macrame Elegance Pattern Book 2, enjoy.

vintage macrame pattern 70s elegance book 2
Hammock Macrame Pattern

Here’s a vintage beading beauty from the 20’s here at Dazespast in the free column.. Enjoy

vintage beaded bags beading purse necklaces neckbands
Vintage 1920s Beaded Bags Wrist Watch Band | Necklaces | Coin Purses

Free 1960s Hat Patterns

Free Turban Pattern
Free Turban Pattern
Free 60s Muffin Hat Pattern
Free 60s Muffin Hat Pattern

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McCall's NEEDLEWORK Spring-Summer 1971

Free Vintage 1970s Crochet | Knitting Patterns Bear Brand | Columbia Minerva

Unger | Spinnerin | Coats and Clark | Spool Cotton and More

1930s Free Kimono Newspaper Pattern

Free 1930s Newspapers Patterns

20s corticelli crochet knitting patterns

FREE Vintage 1920’s Knitting and Crochet Pattern Book

vintage doily pattern calla lily

Free Vintage Calla Lily Doily Pattern

vintage aprons pattern
Free Vintage Apron Sewing Patterns

Free Vintage 40s Apron Patterns


Free Vintage Macrame Pattern | Hanging Bird Cage

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  1. I would love to get your pattern for the crochet Bell bottom pants. I love bell sleeved tunics also. Please let me know when you find any free vintage patterns for these. Thank you so much.

  2. Where can I find the free patterns for the beaded bags and other items listed on this page? When I click on the links I am taken to places that only have the pictures but no patterns. I used to have a real vintage beaded bag but our home was recently destroyed by fire. Making a new one would give my idle hands and tortured mind something to do! Thank you for your help. I enjoy your blog.

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