Free DIY Halloween Costume Pattern List

2014 Handmade DIY Halloween Costumes to Sew Crochet and Craft

Free DIY Halloween Costume Pattern List

Halloween is one of those interesting days that I don’t really understand– As a child I like idea of making a scary or weird costume and knocking on doors for candy. I encouraged my kids to make their costume and they knocked on doors for candy, by then there were parties and events because you always had the scare of crazies doing something to the treats. But all in all Halloween was fun.

Now my grand-kids are dressing up and its more polished now mostly parties and events and very little door-to-door but still a fun time for kids and adults alike. What’s different is the decorations and the marketing that goes into the day–just the amount of money that’s spent on one night–so for you crafty people or just people who need and want to save a bit of money and to bring out your kids or even your creative side–

I’ve decided to create a list or resource to help you on your way. Free Patterns are all the rage, from around the internet and my favorite spots, here are a few ideas to sew, craft, knit and crochet.

Do you have a little person that want to be a Minion?

Here’s a website that can make your wishes come true. Hodge Podge has your DIY Minion costume Instruction ready to print with great images too.

DIY minion costume tutorial

Here’s another Minion Costume that’s to cute not to include, this costume is from Minion Costume Number 2

You can find this costume at DIY Minion costume. This Halloween Pinterest Board shows some creative homemade Halloween costume ideas check it out here:

how to make minion costumes

If you have a little on–Infant size here’s a cute little number–Let’s call it Baby’s First Halloween. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s cute. Check it out at Lifeflix.

Miss Emma as an owl

We will return to the costumes shortly. I tend to think of this time of year as harvest time and I like that summer to autumn home furnishing and decorations, so here are a few of my favorite ideas and links. Here’s a beautifully simple seasonal wreath that I think you’ll like from Simply Kierste.

Click on the picture for the Twine & Berry Fall Wreath tutorial.

Twine & Berry Fall Wreath |

Creative to say the lest a Pumpkin Tree–Ideas There’s only an image of this but you can definitely make this idea your own.

Halloween Tree love the pumpkin under the tree

How about some “Skeleton Cupcakes” I thought these were cute, I hope they taste as goolish as they look You can find the recipe at Cookies and Cups, enjoy!

Having a party what about Halloween light garland?

Dixie cups, scrapbook paper, Party lights!

Here’s some Pinterest Tutu inspiration for the night of fright. This one for sale on ETSY but there are many videos on YouTube about how to make these Tulle Tutu’s.

omg...cutest halloween costume ever!@Blair Taylor for Addie!

I made my granddaughter one–not for this day but its her princess garb..what do you think?


Here’s a board for your favorite pet–he or she needs a Halloween costume too.

Pinterest Fun Great Free Halloween Costume Patterns for Your Pet

Handmade Dog and Puppy Coats, Costumes, and Clothes

Here is Carino's little doggie Christmas dress that was designed and sewn just for her.

Here is Twiggy modeling her favorite piece from "her dog coat collection" that was made just for her. This is a light-weight coat with a hood embellished with a big red bow and orange and red rick-rack.

Next is the dollar store crafts, there’s a bit of nostalgia here because I loved these candies as a kid. Here’s the Candy Button Costume so cute.

You can find this costume and more at this link:

Now here’s a few sophisticated costume ideas — more to my liking maybe yours as well. Do you like to follow the stars–well take a look at Beth Midler and her “Ghost of Chanel” Costume.

Stars Celebrate Halloween in Costume!: Bette Midler was the ghost of Coco Chanel at the NYRP Halloween Benefit Gala on Wednesday.

Here’s where you can find more celebrity Halloween costume ideas:

Do you like Barbie?–you know the doll!

Well I’ve seen tree ornaments and all sorts of Barbie collectible paraphernalia so why not Halloween costumes. Take a look at these…

Homemade Expecting (Pregnant) Barbie Costume: I decided to make my Halloween Costume this year since, being 7 months pregnant, there wasn't much out there for me to buy. Being a natural brunette,

Look for the website the Coolest Halloween Costumes for the how-to instructions. I like popcorn do you? Here the next creative and easy idea.

Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes and Fun Party Ideas

You can this easy costume at: Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes and Fun Party Ideas

Since scary is no longer the in-thing try these DIY/Handmade Disney Costumes for the big day, there a website called Mom Endeavors with 22 different looks. 20+ DIY Disney Costume Tutorials

Here are a few links to some Halloween costume classics Make a Darth Vader Costume The Flintstone’s Costume

Wonder Women (girls/women)

Zoe – Guilty of Stealing Your Heart

Pirate Baby Costume

Kermit the Frog Costume

This one is so cute the Flying Penguin


Finally the Top Ten Halloween Costume Tutorials from Andrea’s Notebook

The TOP 10 Most Popular Halloween Costume Tutorials:

75+ Costume and Dress Up Clothes Tutorials

I just had to add this one the Hot Air Ballooner — way cool!

Here’s some crochet pattern ideas for Halloween:

I couldn’t resist this one:


or what about this pretty.

Skunk Costume for Kid

What about a Viking family–really! YES.

How To Train Your (baby) Dragon!

You can find the kinks to these wonderful Halloween costume by clinking to image or the title–if you have any problems let me know and I will fix the link.

Please share you costume ideas here or on Facebook.

Have a great time celebrating this years harvest.



Your thoughts, ideas & comments are appreciated