Vintage Edges Knitted Crocheted

Vintage Edges Knitted Crocheted

The Book of Vintage Edges Crocheted and Knitted Spool Cotton Company 1930’s Book 64



56 SC BOOK OF EDGINGS 1930s 02

Doily  | Baby Clothes | | Knitted | Bath and Boudoir | Edgings for Home

Romance in Handkerchief Edgings. Dainty edgings give a delightfully feminine air to handkerchiefs. these interesting designs, using size 50-100 weight thread or any size you like. You might even try pearl cotton or silk.

56 SC BOOK OF EDGINGS 1930s 02

The Elizabeth Barrett | Pine Tree | Bridal Wreath | Sweet Sixteen | Silver Bells and Cockle Shells

vintage edges royal lade | may pole | shamrock | christmas bells

Royal Lady | May Pole | Christmas Bells | Shamrock Lane

edgings coquetry nocturne | value caprice | 8114 cheques | 8114 hyde park | 8115 invitation to the dance

More Vintage Handkerchief Edgings

Coquetry | Chequers | Hyde Park | Invitation to the Dance | Nocturne | Valse Caprice


alphabet filet crochet

Filet Crochet Monogram Letters

Bath and Boudoir Edgings and Insertions for one’s fanciest , pillowcases, and guest linens.

Bath and Bed

Here are a few ideas for trimming your extra special linens.

Edgings and Insertions crocheted in brilliant colors. For delicate lace use size 70 or finer crochet cotton.

bath bed edges sunset in venice | caprice victorienne

Sunset in Venice | Caprice Victorienne | Bois de Boulogne | Memory Lane | Guest of Honor

iglooettes classie frieze rambler rose edging patternsBath and Boudoir Continued – Iglooettes | Classic Frieze | Rambler Rose

washington news | empress josephine | dauphine | printemps edging patterns

Bath and Boudoir Continued – Washington Maws | Printemps | Empress Josephine | Dauphine

buttercup | garden gate vintage edgings pattern

Bath and Boudoir Continued – Castle Wall | Etoile | Alpine

buttercup | garden gate vintage edgings pattern

Bath and Boudoir Continued – Buttercup Road | Garden Gate Edging

56 SC BOOK OF EDGINGS 1930s 12

Doily Patterns 8076 | 8077 | 8079 | 8078 | 8080 | 8081

56 SC BOOK OF EDGINGS 1930s 13

Six doily designs for home of daintiness and intimacy.

doily pattern 8076 8077 8078 8080 8081

Pomander Walk | Chippendale | Regency

six doilies queen anne |Pomander walk | Chippendale | Regency

Georgian Belle Edge | Pie Crust Edgings Pattern

Baby Clothes Deluxe

Baby Clothes Edging Patterns sugar & Spiece princeling | Tiger Lily

Sugar and Spice | The Princeling | Talking Tiger Lily

Baby Clothes Edging Patterns Knit Butterfly ballet | miss muffet | Star Bright

Baby Clothes Edgings Continued

Butterfly Ballet | Star-Bright | Miss Muffet

Home Decor – Lacy distinctions for drapes, curtains, throws and table runners in living room and family room or anywhere you like for whatever purpose you like.

Home Romero Juliet Darby Joan anthony Cleopatra tristan isode

Romeo & Juliet Medallion and Edge | Tristan and Isolde

home deor edgings medallions insertions

Home Decor Continued – Darby & Joan | Anthony & Cleopatra

filet crochet edges closver patch vintage diamonds | birthday cake

Home Decor Continued – Filet Crochet Edging Patterns | Clover Patch | Birthday Cake | Diamonds on Parade | Chapel Window

insertions vintage filet crochet edges patterns


## Art, its sturdy charm applies to many uses.

knitted edge patterns

Knitted Rose Tree | Hollyhock | Snow Drift

vintage knitting pattern blossom time canary cottage lily pads

Blossom Time | Canary Cottage | Lily Pads

Vintage Hairpin Lace Crochet of all the uses of a women’s universal tool. Complete instruction are included.

hairoin lace crochet edges

Hairpin Lace Hedge | Hairpin Forest | Hairpin Ballet

hairpin lace vintage patterns edgings | knitting patterns

Knitting Patterns Continued | Mignonette | Formal Border

Hairpin Lace Patterns & Resources

 The Look of Today with Hairpin Crochet Pattern on sale in my Vintage Patterns Dazespast Etsy Store

## Hairpin Lace Board featuring pattern and videos.

Pinterest Hairpin Lace Tutorials & Pattern Instruction

Hairpin Lace by the Numbers | Pinterest

Little Bo Peep Toddler Flower Girl Wedding Party Dress Vintage 50’s Hairpin Lace Crochet Pattern $3.99/Etsy

Want to Learn to do Hairpin Lace – Try these Amazon Resources

Vintage Crochet PATTERN to make – Stole Shawl Wrap Hairpin Lace | Vintage Home Arts

Hairpin Lace Shawls ~ How to Crochet Hairpin Lace PLUS Crochet Patterns for 8 Vintage Hairpin Lace Shawls

Discover the Excitement of Hairpin Lace: Beginners and Advanced Designs Book 17600

Thank  you for taking this ride along, enjoy the patterns, please share and your comments are always welcomed and encouraged.

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