Shop Original Patterns Dazespast

Shop Original Patterns Dazespast

Shop Original Vintage Patterns at Dazespast because my pattern collection includes Crochet, Knitting, Macrame, Tatting, Sewing and Needle Craft patterns sold here on the blog and on eBay.

Dazespast is a place for designers, collectors and fashion connoisseurs to browse, bookmark , buy or reference.

I have a large collection of vintage knitting crochet, sewing and needle art patterns from the 1900’s to the present day.

My patterns range from the hard to find to the common but you’ll always find just the right treasure for your creative or functional needs.

Here at Dazespast you’ll find many couture fashion patterns from Unger, Vogue, Pingouin, Reynolds, Columbia Minerva, Spinnerin, and so much more!

Vintage pattern shopping is a breeze because of customer service

Every item sold is packaged with a piece of cardboard, a plastic waterproof sleeve and a light-weight waterproof envelope for extra security which reduces the shipping cost.

As a collector of many years, I have lost rare patterns books because they were not wrapped properly—I want my customers to know that extra care is taken to make sure their vintage paper arrives in good condition.

I do charge a handling fee for shipping your patterns. Shopping here at Dazespast is a breeze because my customers pay the very least for shipping and I am always looking for least expensive methods to ship packages for my Domestic and International customers.

Remember all patterns at Dazespast are available for gift wrapping and expedited shipping upon request.

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