Rug Making – Braid Crochet Knit or Hooked

Rug Making Patterns – Braided Crocheted Knitted Hooked or Needlepoint

Rugs are a quick way to update and add color to any room. Learn how to braid, crochet, knit, hook or create needle-art rugs.

The History

The making of rugs is an old art. How old no one knows. They know, however, that hooked rugs were made as far back as the fifth century by the Copts, who were descendants of the early Egyptians and from whom they may have had the art handed down to them. The Scandinavians have been making hooked rugs for hundreds of years, Primitive peoples used rugs not only for floor coverings, as for prayer rugs and sleeping mats, but as wall hangings to keep out the cold. Woven rug making is probably as old as weaving, different tribes and people excelled in the making of different types of rugs and gradually they became credited with the invention of them. Studies made types of rug making practiced by primitive peoples in wide-spread parts of the world show that they all made a variety of rugs and all has similar characteristics. We speak of the pile rugs as Oriental, hooked and braided rugs as products of New England, and the tightly woven ones resembling tapestry weave as Indian. I do know that rug making runs the range of needle-arts and textiles and here you’ll find vintage patterns to reflect that variety and flavour.

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