Crochet Library

Crochet Library

My Crochet Library is a resource for the simple art of crochet that provides incredibly crisp textures and color effects, which makes it ideal for heavy or unusual pieces. You’ll find books and resources from my personal library as well as other publications that I want to add to my library.

I will also round-up expired copyright publications of early work and stitches used from around the world. If there’s a resource you’re looking for just leave me a note and I will get back to you with an answer.

Look for info about interchangeable yarns, the importance of gauge in crochet and a better understanding of why some patterns have you chain 1 and turn and others have to turn and then chain.

We will check hooks, what’s the difference between steel, aluminum, bone, bamboo and plastic. You will learn why you should choose your hooks  by measurement and not the letter ID. We will cover symbol crochet which opens the door to exquisite pieces from other cultures just waiting to be explored.

So hold on grab your hat and come along for the ride!

Making Vintage Bags: 20 Original Sewing Patterns for Vintage Bags and Purses

Hats and Bags — 29 Vintage Crochet Patterns From 1936 (Book 74)

Hiawatha Accessory Fashions — Vintage Crochet Patterns for 1940s Hats and Bags (Book 20)

Making Vintage Accessories: 25 Original Sewing Projects Inspired by the 1920s-60s

Your thoughts, ideas & comments are appreciated