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Amazing Crochet Techniques From Around the World
Vintage Decorative Dressmaking

Vintage Decorative Dressmaking

Vintage Decorative Dressmaking How Much Does It Cost? How Much Does Roaring Twenties fabric Detail Cost Today? It was a time for a change and prosperity in every way, the twenties were remembered for its speakeasy, flappers, prohibition and social change. The 1920’s was an era that turned the world upside down and began the long […]

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Vintage Edges Knitted Crocheted

Vintage Edges Knitted Crocheted The Book of Vintage Edges Crocheted and Knitted Spool Cotton Company 1930’s Book 64     Doily #edgings | Baby Clothes | #hairpin #lace | Knitted | Bath and Boudoir | Edgings for Home Romance in Handkerchief Edgings. Dainty edgings give a delightfully feminine air to handkerchiefs. #crochet these interesting designs, using size 50-100 weight thread […]

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Embroidery Magic cross stich motif patterns

Embroidery Magic Part One

Embroidery Magic Part One – Cross Stitch What is the difference between cross-stitch and embroidery. First the definition of embroidery only means to add fiber ornamentation to a piece of cloth, leather or other material. Remember that cross stitch is just one of many embroidery techniques, each style has its own name, technique, and particular […]

Lesson Two - Crochet Tutorial Ester and Elaine Vintage Crochet Patterns Dress|Camisole 1950s
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Vintage Knitting Patterns Babies
Pauline Denham Vintage Patterns
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