How to Bead Crochet or Knit Fabric

How to Bead Crochet or Knit Fabric

How to Bead Crochet or Knit Fabric, the primary way to create beaded fabric in crochet or knitting is to string the beads onto the thread or yarn. The other way is to stitch the beads onto the finished knitted or crocheted piece.

How to String Beads is primarily for those that want to incorporate a large number of gems into your knit or crocheted fabric. First let me say that there are many ways to string beads, today you can even buy beads that are already strung.

Some time ago, I had the pleasure of working with a Jewelry Designer  and owner of VanBeads, I was teaching a class on how to be successful online. I was telling the class that I wanted to create a fully beaded doll dress and Jennifer suggested that I buy a tool that would help me string seed beads faster. That was back in 2005 or ’06 and I have to admit that today I do not remember where she told me to buy the bead spinner from. For the purpose of this article, I did look online and found several sources for similar tools but not like mine, the image that heads this post.

But, they all have one thing in common the beading needle and how they work which by the way I love and this little contraption made my job a lot easier. But even with the tool hand beading is still an arduous task.

Have I completed my doll dresses yet? No. Does the tool work? Yes, and here is a couple of examples of beads that I’ve strung.

So if the tool works why haven’t I completed the beaded doll dresses? Let’s just say that my goal was much larger than my patience, the challenge is getting enough thread beaded to complete an entire dress. Now I have used the tool to trim doll dresses but I have yet to completely bead a dress. But, is it possible to do? Yes.

On one of the videos that I’m sharing today, the question was asked can I use the tool for larger beads? The answer is yes.

Before I go on, I want to tell that I have not tried these brands and I am not endorsing these beading tools–I am using them in this article because they are similar to the type that I have and work the same way.

How to Use the Beadsmith Spin and String

How to Use the Speedy Stringer


Learn How to Use the Bead Spinner

Whichever brand you decide to buy the concept is to string as many beads as possible to knit or crochet the beads into your fabric.

How to Surface Bead (Bead Embroidery)

The primary technique used is simple back-stitching and couching with beads is easy to do for all sorts of free-form designs.

The next technique for surface beading is to use a deft which is another way of doing bead crochet on fabric with a very fine crochet hook. The working thread is below the fabric.  Watch this video by Juliana Correa.

Here’s two really good PDF’s with diagrams and instructions  the first is from Needlework by Sine Gunnsdottir, here is the link to the PDF.

The other is from –

For surface beading, Instructables really has a good post titled: How to Bead Fabric


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