Free Vintage Crochet Patterns Gifts

Free Vintage Crochet Patterns Gifts

Welcome to my getting ready for the holiday gift making holiday season with this Free Vintage Crochet Patterns update.

Please accept my apology it’s been a busy summer with two grand boy’s born, my summer road trip with my middle grandson and a few health issues, that I’m working on.

Are you familiar with the old magazine “Smart Crochet”, I have many and I thought that I would share this 50’s issue with everyone?

Edition 10 of Smart Crochet has a lot of great easy to crochet pieces that should make your finger’s tingle with joy.

I’ve left a lot of the advertisements but all the pages are accounted for and in some cases I will include a direct link to the page for instruction.

Smart Crochet 10th Edition – 1955

Table of Contents

Smart Crochet 10th Ed Table of Contents

page 02

Classics in Crochet

For sin-filled days or pleasure-filled evenings, the crisp straw dress is a must for resort wear. Vacation time winter or summer will be enhanced by this touch of light laciness.

Crochet Straw Resort Dress

Crochet Straw Resort Dress Bernat Strawmode

page 12

Nomotta Two Piece Suit

For year ’round enjoyment the classic suit made by you! and, because nothing can imitate hand work, it becomes something extra to add joy to everyday living. Instructions on page 18

Nomotta Two Piece Suit Pattern

page 13

Custom Stole & Hat

The custom stole that will be the accepted fashion for years to come-stunning from all angles-notice the clever use of buttons down the back!. Wear it on delightfully mild days when those delightfully mild days when winter surprises me. there is a light fluffy quality to the texture and design topped with a jaunty hat to match.

Stole & Hat Instructions on page 23

Fleisher’s Svelte Boxy Square Line Jacket

A svelte square line jacket in a simple texture stitch is always right up front in the fashion parade.

Morell Boxy Square Line Jacket are on page 19

Fleisher's Svelte Boxy Square Line Jacket | Custom Stole & Hat

page 14

Cotton Filet Blouse

The lengthening curve of this beautifully designed blouse crocheted in fine cotton thread brings an old-fashion-look up to the minute with sheer flattery for any time or season. For the Cotton Filet Blouse are on page 22.

Embroidered Cardigan

Instruction on page 23

Cotton Filet Blouse | Embroidered Cardigan

page 15

Brocade Like Embroidery Blouse

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 16

Embroidered Shirt Waist

The casual shirtwaist sparkled with a fresh gay touch of brocade-like embroidery to imported look. Particularly pretty in soft pastel tones.

Instructions for the embroidered shirtwaist are on page 26.

My poodles parade proudly across this, soft, fluffy shortie.

You’ll find instructions for the casual shortie on page 27.

Cocktail Blouse

Simplicity is the keynote of this fragile-looking but long-wearing cocktail blouse. A mere suggestion of shaping, yet it offers untold figure flattery.

cocktail blouse casual shortie pattern

page 17

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 18

page 18

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 19

page 19


Magazine Bag and Disc Hat of Hiawatha Chenille instruction are on page 72

Shell Collar of Bucilla Cottons, instructions are on page 30.

Mantle of Read Heart Yarn, instruction page 73.

Parasol Shaped Bag, instruction are on page 30.

Petal Collar, instructions are on page 27

Bead Trimmed Bag & Hat, instruction page 72

Hooded Stole Hiawatha, instruction are on page 31

Tweed Chenille Bag and Beret, instructions are on page 30

Frou Frou Shoulerette instruction on page 31

Magazine bag shell collar parasol bag bead bag hat stole shoulderette

page 20

stole beaded bag pattern hood shrug hat crochet patterns

page 21

Cotton filet blouse

page 22

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 23

page 23

For School

Boy’s Bulky Sweater

Instructions are on page 34

Embroidered Pullover Pattern for girl’s.

Instructions are on page 34.

vintage bous bulky sweater embroidered pullover

page 24


Red Heart Girl’s Bulky Sweater

Spinnerin Clip Hat

Bear Jerkin

Child’s Hooded Scarf & Mittens Page 35

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 25

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 26

page 26

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 27

page 27

Child’s Jacket page 38

Spinnerin Raglan Cardigan instructions pages 37

Spinnerin Rumba Rompers page 42

kids jacket cardigan raglan jacket pattern

page 28

Spinnerin Rumba Ruffle

Instructions page 42

Nomotta Twin Sweater Set

Instructions on page 36

Spinnerin Ascot Scarf  Hat instructions on page 42

cardigan ascot scarf Rumba Rompers twin sweater set

page 26

shell collar tweed chennille bag bernat

page 30


cardigan ascot scarf twin sweater set


page 31

Handmade for Baby

Delectable to the eye and luscious to the touch, these dainty sets will be a welcomed gift to that’s special new bundle that’s soon expected–personalize them with you own label newly designed for babywear.

handmade for baby vintage patterns

page 32

Embroidered sacque and cap instruction page 68

Crib Blanket and Sacque page 70

Baby’s Knit Stitch Set instructions are on page 43

Spinnerin’s Infant’s Two-Tone Set page 64

Nomotta’s Infant’s Star Stitch Set page 64

vintage patterns handmade baby corchte knitting

page 33

instruction page 34

page 34

page 35

page 35

page 36

page 36

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 37

page 37


Laces Smart Crochet 10th Ed 38

page 38

More Laces

Open motifs arranged as you will, tight laces as a background for floral designs, all sorts of laces for all sorts of uses.

Bucilla Hairpin Lace Mat Instructions page 44

Vanity or Chair Set page 50

Snowflake Doily page 46

Flower Place Mat page 62

Lily Mills Pineapple Doily instruction on page 51

Wheat Pattern Place Mat page 44

Motif Tray Cloth or Doily page 51

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 40

page 39

Bibelots of crochet Straw Texture

Wicker Pattern Stitch

Lamp Vase Place Mat Bread Tray Candle Sticks

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 42

page 42

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 43


page 43

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 44


page 44

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 45


page 45

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 46

page 46

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 47

page 47

New aspects of decorative crochet that will add highlights and individuality to the atmosphere of gracious living.

Lili Mills Filet and Lacet Chair Set page 65

Doily instructions on page 45

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 48

page 48

Crossed Filet Doily instructions are on page 46

Loop Stitch Rug page 63

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 49

page 49


Smart Crochet 10th Ed 50

page 50

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 51

page 51


Smart Crochet 10th Ed 53

page 53

The Newest Look in Decorative Crochet

Place Mat and Flower Basket in Crossed Pattern Stitch page 58

Epergne, Place Mat and Beverage Set in Braided Loop Stitch Pattern Page 58

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 54

page 54

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 55

page 55

Lily Motif Buffet Piece page 51

Floral Doily instruction on page 50

Table Runner page 47

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 56

page 56

Crochet to Brighton Your Home

Coats and Clark’s Valentine Doily

Coats and Clark’s Cotton Filet Trimmed Tea Cloth Instructions page 47

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 57

page 57

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 58

page 58

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 59

page 59

Novelties for Bazaars & Gifts

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 60

page 60


Smart Crochet 10th Ed 61

page 61

Jiffy Mat and Cloth pages 6 and 59

Tomato Surprise Potholder page 62

Lily Fringed Mat page 68

Window Pot Holder instruction are on page 62

Child’s Cooking Mitt instruction are on page 63

Bucilla Pagoda page 65

American Thread Star Child’s Oven Mitts page 63

Palette Place Mats are on page 63

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 62

page 62


Smart Crochet 10th Ed 63

page 63

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 64

page 64

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 65

page 65

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 68

page 68

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 69

page 69

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 70

page 70

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 71

page 71

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 72

page 72

Smart Crochet 10th Ed 73

page 73

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