Embroidery Magic Part One

Embroidery Magic Part One – Cross Stitch

What is the difference between cross-stitch and embroidery. First the definition of embroidery only means to add fiber ornamentation to a piece of cloth, leather or other material.

Remember that cross stitch is just one of many embroidery techniques, each style has its own name, technique, and particular kinds of fibers used in the process.

Cross Stitch

Cross-stitch is an attractive and easy way to add pattern and color to plain home decor, fashions and accessories. Cross-Stitch can be worked on even-weave fabric by counting the threads and on checked fabric by using the checks as a guide.

To embroider on uneven-weave or fine fabrics, work the crosses over a piece of canvas basted to the fabric.

Small Motifs for Cross Stitch – Nine Small Motifs

Here are hearts for your collar, stars for your cuffs, a butterfly for your belt, and other exciting small motifs to enliven your clothes and accessories.

Embroidery Magic cross stitch motif patterns

Embroidery Cross Sttich Blog Content11042014_00001 - Copy (2)



Embroidery Magic cross stitch motif patterns

Sprinkle lucky 4 leaf clovers down the sleeves of a favorite shirt. Work a pretty bouquet of country flowers on a pocket. Or, wear a lively little girl on your sleeve.

Embroidery Magic cross stitch motif patternsEmbroidery Magic cross stitch motif patterns


Working cross-stitch

Work a sample on a scrap of fabric to decide the number of strands of embroidery cotton to use. (don’t be afraid to try new textures such as pearl cotton) Be sure all crosses touch.

On even-weave fabrics

Count the threads of the fabric and work the crosses over the same number of threads horizontally and vertically.

Over Canvas

Baste cross-stitch canvas or soft, single thread canvas to the fabric, being careful to make the threads on the canvas parallel to the threads of the fabric. Embroider the design by working over the threads of the canvas and through the fabric.

Do not catch the canvas with the needle. When the design is finished, remove the basting threads, cut excess canvas away from the design, then draw out the remaining canvas threads with tweezers, leaving the cross-stitch design on the fabric.

I know that sounded kind of confusing so let’s take a step-by-step look, the Cross Stitch Guild is a great site for beginners and experts alike because the site goes in to great detail, such as its section on stitching on different types of woven fabrics:

If video are a bit intimidating try this well thought out blog on on the subject of how to cross stitch showing set-by-step pictures of the process, titled How to Basics: Cross Stitch

Here’s another floral bouquet pattern chart that I thought you might like.

Country Garden Bouquet

This charming spray of flowers is equally effective in cross-stitch on place mats, tablecloths as a decorative design on a plain colored knitted or crocheted pullover pattern.

Embroidery Cross Sttich Blog Content

Embroidery Cross Sttich Blog Content Floral Spray Cross Stitch Embroidery Cross Sttich Blog Content Floral Spray Cross Stitch


Embroidery Cross Sttich Blog Content Floral Spray Cross Stitch

Embroidery Cross Sttich Blog Content Floral Spray Cross Stitch

Tablecloth for Christmas | In festive flower motifs

This bold poinsettia motif in red and green create an impressive tablecloth for festive holidays occasions. using the actual size pattern, table linens can be designed in a number of ways by arranging the flower motifs in different patterns and combinations of sizes.

Here’s an idea, use the large motif in the center of your tablecloth, with other large flowers in diagonal lines to the corners.

A band of large flowers could be arranged along a table runner or on a place mat, while the small motifs would make a pretty all-over pattern or a decorative border. Work small flowers on napkins for a matching set.

Transfer the pattern to the fabric and work with motifs in stem stitch with stranded cotton or pearl cotton in rich traditional Christmas colors.

Embroidery Cross Sttich Blog Content christmas poinsettia motifs

EEmbroidery Cross Sttich Blog Content christmas poinsettia motifs

This beauty uses the Stem Stitch which is am outlining stitch and is used for both straight and curved lined. It can also be used as a filling stitch and it is suitable for all kinds of fabrics. Two variations of the stem stitch are show below.

Embroidery Cross Sttich Blog Content stem stitch how to

I want to share a few Christmas and holiday pattern links for you to practice your new skills and maybe take on a new stitch or two.




A Free Festive Cross Stitch Chart and a Free Christmas Cross Stitch Compendium



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