Pauline Denham Vintage Patterns

Pauline Denham Vintage Patterns

Petaluma California the home of Pauline Denham Yarns, the company published knitting pattern books with classic sweaters, jackets, and dresses knitted in fine gauge yarns. Branded as California Originals, yarns would be sold with matching worsted wool fabric in heather tones.

Yarns included Shan Isle and Tulare (100 percent wool), Nebette (wool-rayon blend), Angora Faerie (angora-wool blend), and Ballet (mohair).

Designs in Denham pattern manuals were subdued and graceful.

Pauline Denham pattern designs included a double-breasted blazer, striped slipover with a duplicate stitch diamonds, and delicately textured cardigan patterns, with a nod to the mohair trend in her feather and fan mohair stole, shell and short-sleeved cardigan pattern.

Look for a list of patterns published by the Pauline Denham Yarns and a bit of lore and history.

Paul Denham Pattern Cover Preview

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