1970s Pattern Reproductions

1970s Pattern Reproductions

The 1970s vintage digital pattern reproductions include stylish hot pants, disco, and sequins the style of free love and no bras. Find your style micro mini, mini, midi or maxi, we have what you’re looking for. Your favorite halter or granny skirt, hot pants or a floppy wide brim hat.

Your favorite halter or granny skirt, hot pants or a floppy wide brim hat.

What’s your 70’s style is it bell bottoms and tunic crocheted from worsted weight yarn or is macrame for your home, crocheted or knitted pillows and Afghans.

Bohemian or gypsy style is another 1970’s perspective. Jumpsuit, platform shoes, floppy hats, chevrons and wrap dresses are back–big time!

What’s you must have bohemian style? Look no further you found you pattern place.

Here’s few facts, did you know that James Brown wrote a song about the hot pants?Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis showed off her figure in them while yachting. Hot pants are considered the epitome of cultural, social and industrial advancement of the 1970s.

Would you believe that Jackie Kennedy actually wore a pair of hot pants?

In my opinion, platform shoes were not for girls with skinny legs and I was one of those skinny legged girls that avoided wearing platforms unless I wore pants.

Seventies Designer favorites include:



Diane von Furstenberg

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Here’s a sample of our free and paid 1970’s PDF collection.

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