1940s Vintage PDF Patterns

1940s Vintage PDF Patterns

Welcome to the by-gone World War II era of rationing, recycling and reuse all for the war effort, the choice of 1940s Vintage PDF Patterns capture essence of the time. Here’s a choice of patterns showcasing suits, dresses, slacks, shorts, pants, jackets, sweaters, and coats along with the bags, hats and handmade jewelry of the 1940’s hand knit fashions to sew, crochet or knit in today’s fibers.

The words up-cycle, re-use, and recycle all originated during this time. For the first time stay at home mom’s were working outside the home in factories and offices all around the world.

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Here’s a taste of 40’s patterns free and to buy from the website for your knitting and crochet pleasure.

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