1920s Vintage Pattern Downloads

1920s Vintage Pattern Downloads

Vintage Pattern Downloads represent the 1920s fashion and introduced radical changes in the way women dressed and viewed style. Fashion was greatly influenced by societal changes such as women obtaining the right to vote, they could drive automobiles, they smoked in public. Many had to work during World War One (WWI) and continued to do so after the war in the late teens and 20’s.

Waistlines dropped, hemlines rose and lower cut which brought about more elegant shoes with the stylish hose made of silk.

Through the twenties the dominate attire was ensembles, dress, hat, shoes, and coat were matched to create a coördinated outfit.

Throughout the era over-sized, turbans and headband, moving towards the later helmet like cloche hats made to fit atop bobbed or shingled hair.

The great designers of the decade include:

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