Baby Patterns Crochet Knitting

Baby Patterns Crochet Knitting

Vintage Crochet and Knitted Patterns for Your Infant

From bassinet to kindergarten and even beyond.

From the Lacy Christening Dress on the last page to the 4-14 sweaters on Page 5, these patterns represent all the years from being born to growing up.

There are 19 styles. Most of these are sets consisting of several pieces. Two of the sets include’s a matching crib and carriage covers. there are four separate covers as well. three of these are shown in black and white.

There are two little charmer dresses and a coat. (See Pages 5 and 36.). All three are in sizes up to 4, and one of the dresses is done on an Afghan Hook.

Throughout this vintage pattern offering, style after style, you find one lovely pattern stitch after another.

For instance, see Page 11, the sacque, the bonnet, the blanket. You can crochet these in sock or fingering weight yarns, and in the striping pattern you use single, half double and double crochet stitches. The effect is beautiful and crocheting is fun!.

So, I hope these patterns, bring you many happy hours of stitching for all the babies currently or those to come in your life.

Directions are for size 4. changes for sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 are in parentheses for this knitted pullover sweater cap and mitten set.

vintage sweater toddler mittens cap pattern


Cable knit turtleneck, long sleeve dress, helmet and mittens.

cable knit mittens pullover dress cap


222 Bernat Babies 06


Knitted dress pattern directions are for size 1. changes for sizes 2, 3 and 4 are in parentheses.

Dress knitting pattern sizes 1 to 4

Cream two piece cable knit set includes directions for a size small (4-6). Changes for a size medium (8-10) and large size (12-14) are in parentheses.


222 Bernat Babies 08

222 Bernat Babies 09


Blanket and Sacque

222 Bernat Babies 10



These directions are for sizes 6 months. changes for size 1 and size 18 months are in parentheses.

222 Bernat Babies 11


222 Bernat Babies 12


Hat and Bonnet

222 Bernat Babies 13


Knit Sacque


222 Bernat Babies 14


Boys and Girls Sacque, Hat Bonnet Mitt and Leggings Pattern


222 Bernat Babies 15


222 Bernat Babies 16


222 Bernat Babies 17

222 Bernat Babies 18


Leggings Helmet and Mittens
222 Bernat Babies 19




222 Bernat Babies 20


222 Bernat Babies 21


Yoked Knitted Dress Pattern

222 Bernat Babies 22


Crocheted Motif Afghan Approximately 30 x 40 inches

222 Bernat Babies 24


222 Bernat Babies 23


Knitted Afghan Blanket Pattern 33 x 40″

222 Bernat Babies 25


222 Bernat Babies 26

Romper and Cap

These directions are for size 1. changes for sizes 2, 3 and 4 are in parentheses.

222 Bernat Babies 27

Hat and Booties Knitting Pattern

222 Bernat Babies 28


Filet Crocheted Afghan Approximately 25 x 33 inches

222 Bernat Babies 29


222 Bernat Babies 30

These directions are for sizes 6 months. Changes for sizes, 1 to 18 months are in parentheses.

222 Bernat Babies 31


222 Bernat Babies 32Sizes 6 months, changes for sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4 are in parentheses.

222 Bernat Babies 33

Cardigan, Bonnet, and Bootees

222 Bernat Babies 34


Sacque Bonnet Booties

222 Bernat Babies 35


Girl’s Coat Dress and Hat

222 Bernat Babies 36

222 Bernat Babies 37

222 Bernat Babies 38

Enjoy this array of crochet and knitting for your favorite little ones.

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