Amazing Crochet Techniques Around the World

Amazing Crochet Techniques Around the World

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This article is about the amazing crochet techniques around the world. Introducing different types of crochet techniques, such as Bosnian and Bavarian Crochet but crochet offers so many more.

This is not so much about the types of stitches because there are a finite number of crochet stitches that can be manipulated to achieve various patterns or techniques.

The reason why I want to spend some time on this topic is because for years the US market has been shut out of the world of advanced crochet. A good example of that is the use of crochet symbols and diagrams rather than lengthy step-by-step instructions. Another example has to do with the thread weights and colors typically available here in the US.

I want to share with you a video diary of those stitch patterns and techniques because the possibilities become infinite as to what you can create far beyond afghans, doilies and tissue covers.

Let’s start with a stitch that everyone is familiar with we, know it as the Afghan Stitch, but he official name is Tunisian Crochet.

What is Tunisian? It is a technique of crochet that uses a long hook, often with a stopper on the handle end, called an Afghan hook. It is often considered to be a mix of crocheting and knitting. Because of this, some techniques used in knitting are also applicable in Tunisian crochet.

Enjoy the video from Tamera Kelly

How to Crochet: Afghan Stitch/Tunisian Crochet – Foundation Rows, Simple Stitch, and Slip Stitch Bind Off

Maybe you thought very little of the humble slip stitch but the technique Bosnian Crochet should change your mind. What is Bosnian crochet it’s quite simply slip stitches worked in different ways very loosely. In many countries this stitch is called Muslim Crochet, and Shepherd’s Knitting. There are other names that I can’t translate from Norway and Sweden. Here’s a piece of trivia this may be the oldest form of crochet.

In the next video you will learn three different ways to work Bosnian crochet/crochet sl sts.

Remember the Bosnian technique fabric is dense with a durable texture, this makes it less elastic and since you work in rounds, the technique is perfect for hats and mittens. Check out this link Designing Vashti provides a great overview for the possibilities of re-thinking the uses for this simple stitch.


Bavarian Crochet–first this technique can be achieved in the round which is known as Catherine’s Wheel or in rows and it has more to do with stitch manipulation than learning new stitches. But the technique is for experienced crocheted or maybe you are the adventurous type this is the technique for you.

Another website with written instructiona and a pattern can be found at Favecrafts: How to Crochet a Bavarian Square

If you like instructions that you can print check out Teddy and Tottie’s Bavarian Crochet PDF, I think it’s pretty good.

What is Brioche Crochet is the crocheted version of the rib stitch which is cleverly designed to emulate Brioche knitting.

Make sure that you sign-up for a Ravelry account, this next pattern comes to you from Megan Mills and the hat pattern is free, if you didn’t know any better you would think that it was knitted.

You can find the Reversible Crochet Brioche Hat on Ravelry

Seeing this stitch worked is invaluable, I strongly suggest that you do, here’s a video from Sweet Rhapsody 12 on You Tube.

Here’s a good example of how old this crochet stitch is check out Beeton’s Book of Needlework by Isabella Beeton for making a Brioche Cushion.

Braid Crochet dates back to Victorian times, the technique of working crochet into braids folded into leaf formations.

Watch the video by Cortet Grif for another view you might enjoy.

On Craftsy read the How to Create a Braid in Crochet tutorial.

Skipping ahead in the alphabet, remember, later this stitch evolved into Macrame Crochet which is the technique of making Basic Crocheted or Romanian Point Lace Crochet. Today it is mostly used as a decorative stitch. check out this video on the stitch technique.

Broomstick Lace Crochet

Is also known as Jiffy lace, Peruvian stitch and peacock eye crochet. Historically the crochet technique originates in the 19th century which was done using a crochet hook and another long slender round object such as a knitting needle.

I read that traditionally a real broomstick was used, that’s how the name came to be. Today the long object can be a lightweight plastic knitting needle or other smooth craft dowel. A larger knitting needle or dowel will result in a lacier effect, while a smaller will provide a more closely woven effect. Because the fabric created is soft yet stable, it is most suited for clothing and blankets.

The last stitch for this article is the Bruges Stitch

Bruges is another lace technique that at times incorporates, single and double crochet stitches are mostly used to create bruges lace and at times the half-double crochet stitch also. When combined with chains, it creates a type of ribbon that can be straight, or can curve, joining onto other parts of the tape or ribbon. to make sure that you see this technique while it looks difficult it is not. Check out the Crochet Geek and ABC Knitting Patterns, for a demonstration and clarity.

We will cover the letters C and  D the next time around. I truly appreciate your comments.


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