2014 Vintage Crochet Projects Free Vintage Crochet Doily Patterns

2014 Vintage Crochet Projects Free Vintage Crochet Doily Patterns

Vintage Crochet Projects, I’m working on.

Last week I shared the sewing projects that I have on the table–this week it’s all about crochet. I’m working doilies and motifs mostly and I will share the patterns with you.
I love working on ruffled doily patterns mostly, I like the one’s with complex stitch patterns. The make the project challenging but the results are phenomenal.

I just finished the 1890’s Doily, from Old Time Crochet Autumn 1996. Originally published in “Miss Arnold’s Book of Crocheting, No 2, 1890”

Here is my completed version.

My Version Vintage 1890s Doily Pattern
My Version Vintage 1890’s Doily Pattern
Center 1890 Doily remake
Center 1890 Doily

If you’d like to make the 1890’s Doily, here’s the free crochet pattern.

1890s doily page 1
An 1890’s Doily
1890s doily page 2
An 1890’s Doily Pattern Part 2

I finished this doily about a week ago, this doily is from Lily Mills, 1950, Book 1600. “Sheer Witchery”, it’s a doily luncheon set, I only wanted to make the large doily pattern.

Sheer Witchery Doily | Lily Mills 1950
Sheer Witchery Doily | Lily Mills 1950
Sheer Witchery Close-up Doily
Sheer Witchery Close-up Doily

If you’d like to make “Sheer Witchery” here’s the pattern.

doily liliy mills book 1600 1950 vintage crochet pattern
Sheer Witchery Luncheon Set Doily Free Pattern
Free Vintage Doily Pattern Sheer Witchery
Free Vintage Doily Pattern Sheer Witchery

Also in process is this “Blossom Ruffle Doily” by American Thread Company.

I’ve made this doily several times and gave one away and sold the other. Now I want to have one for myself. Blossom Ruffle is an easy doily to make but now with age and bad eyes working in dark colors is difficult at night because of the stitch pattern. here’s where I am at the moment.

Blossom ruffle

Now here’s the vintage pattern “Blossom Ruffle”.

ruffle doily pattern book 143 vintage blossom ruffle
Free Blossom Ruffle Doily Pattern
ruffle doily pattern vintage blossom ruffle
Blossom Ruffle Doily 2

My next vintage gem is Coral Reef from “Old and New Favorites”, the Spool Cotton Company, Book 269

Doily Project
Coral Reef Doily

Here’s the pattern if you’d like to make this odd ruffle doily.

Coral Reef Spool Cotton Book 269
Coral Reef Spool Cotton Book 269
vintage doily pattern coral reef
Coral Reef Doily 2

Another project is “Ruffles Run Riot” from Lily Mills, published originally in Book 1600 and then again in Book 209.

lily mills book 209 free vintage doily pattern
Ruffles Run Riot Free Doily Pattern 1
vintage ruffle doily pattern lily mills 1600
Ruffles Run Riot


The last project for this article is also from Lily Mills, Book 400 “Easy to Crochet Tablecloths Luncheon Sets and Runners”.

crochet shell motif medallion

The medallion design is called Shell Motif”, I have about 15 motifs made because the size 16 hook is almost like a needle if you tap your finger tip the wrong way. so it was slow going for a while. I solved that problem by using the old rubber finger tips you buy at the office supply store–they make great thimbles.

By the way enjoy the, Garden Fern motif on the same page.


easytocrochettableclothslunchrunners lm 19


Oh yea, I forgot that I want to share the Popcorn & Pineapples Doily, from American Thread Company. Book 128. I made this doily sometime ago, actually its been about 12 years maybe a few more than that, this is by far my favorite small flat doily, the stitches come together to create a beautiful pattern.

Here’s my version.

Popcorn and Pineapple Doily
Popcorn and Pineapple Doily

If you’d like to make this pattern, here’s the instructions for the Pineapple and Popcorn Doily

vintage doily pattern american thread
Popcorn and Pineapple Doily Pattern
free vintage doily pattern popcorn pineapples
Popcorn and Pineapple Page 2
vintage doily pattern page 3
Popcorn and Pineapple Doily 3

As I was looking for this doily I came across some older work from some of these patterns, take a look.


Double Ruffle Doily | Spool cotton
Double Ruffle Doily | Spool cotton
Blossom Ruffle
Blossom Ruffle
Rice Stitch Doily
Rice Stitch Doily

Enjoy, your comments and thoughts are always welcomes, until next time.

Your thoughts, ideas & comments are appreciated